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Theremin (more information)was pretty popular music instrument back after World War II. It is an oscillator with two antennas of metal for control pitch and also amplitude and it´s played only by moving your hands around it. Playing is simple – as you move your hand to the left antenna, you reduce the amplitude and the second antenna will increase pitch if you move your right hand closer. Some additional settings are controlled by the knobs. Now you have an, unique chance to enjoy it again with Moog Etherwave theremin. We will introduce it to you in this review.

Introducing the old classic

Etherwave theremin looks exactly as same as the classical theremins made by Moog in 1950s. So what you get in the package is a high quality wooden construction with old school design. On the front side you have power switch, audio output (designed for 1/4 inch jack) and four knobs – one for volume, one for pitch, another for waveform and the last one to control brightness of the sound. Right side features vertical antenna to control pitch and on the left side you have horizontal antenna for amplitude control.

By volume knob you set up strength of amplitude. With the Pitch knob you may adjust frequency of oscillator. Waveform works similar to rectangular control of width you may know from common synths. And the last one – Brightness – is there to set harmonic distortion.

How is Theremin to play?

First, of all, we must state that playing theremin is very difficult if you want it to sound nice. The main problem is that everything is set by position of your hands and it will take some time for you to find out how to create a melodic sound. Those who has already played theremin before will have some advantage. For the beginners there is a DVD in the package with tutorial video. Once you master it, theremin will give you amazing sound.

Moog EW-Plus-0011 Etherwave Plus Theremin

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  • The Etherwave Plus has all the great features and tone of our standard Etherwave theremin
  • Pitch & Volume CV Outputs - control a different CV parameter with each hand
  • Gate Output - trigger envelopes and other events
  • The "Plus" makes it an ideal controller and performance instrument
  • Pitch Preview/Headphone Output - with volume control, lets you hear your note before the audience does.

Tech Specs

Outputs 1 x 1/4″ (audio out)
Controls Pitch, Waveform, Brightness
Manufacturer Part Number EW-STD-019

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