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Korg Nano-series of instruments is well known for quite a long time and the instruments of this series hold their quality for years. Today we will look at something that has been on the market for six years already – Korg nanoPAD2, a 16key MIDI controller of miniature dimensions. What is it like, how is the price and is it worth to buy? Let´s have a look.

After some initial problems with software compatibility, nanoPAD2 is now compatible with all standard Korg apps like Korg Kontrol Editor. That´s very important, because full performance can only be achieved with this software. You can also connect some other application, but it won´t let you use nanoPAD2 on its full potential.


The dimensions (height x width x depth) are really small – 16 x 325 x 83. It means that nanoPAD2 is really nano. Power supply is via USB port and it gives you maximal comfort while using.

The instrument features 16 pads, but if you are worried about lack of options, don´t be. There are four program changes in total, so even if you only have physically 16 pads, in real you have 64 pads to control. Quite a solid performance for such a cheap device that is sold in average for 50€.

On the other hand, you must think before you buy. What are you going to use it for? Korg nanoPAD2 runs quite nice when you play it slowly or in medium tempo. However once you get wild and want to rock it out, you will soon experience the limits of miniature dimensions and overall quality of the pads. If you have that opportunity, try it first before you buy it. The part of the device is also XY touchpad on the left side, which is exactly the same as for Kaossilator. Of course, for that price you won´t ever get high quality multitouch pad with excellent accuracy, but for amateur players it´s enough.

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So what is our conclusion? Korg nanoPAD2 isn´t bad instrument, but it´s not for everybody. Beginners and amateur players will be probably happy with it, but if you want to show some advanced performance, you should rather look somewhere else.


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