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Pocket Operator is a line of mini synthesizers by Swedish manufacturer Teenage Engineering. After initial success of first line they came with another three devices. One of them is Pocket Operator 24 Office, which we will be talking about today. What does it do and is it worth to buy?

This synthesizer produces kind a strange, but cool sounds. As the nickname Office reveals, you get bunch of classic office sounds. Would you like to get some hardware sounds like floppy disk running or mouse clicking? Then PO-24 Office is exactly what you need, because it gives you 16 different office sounds to mix. Each of them is adjustable of course, so what you.


The design is pretty much the same and if you know some of the other Pocket Operators, you wouldn´t be surprised. So, what you get is a simple circuit board with 23 buttons and two rotating knobs to adjust final sounds. What won´t surprise is small size of the buttons, which leads just to very brief descriptions by small pictures. To find out all possible combinations and shifts you should refer to user manual which describes it more, but it still does not go in deeper details. It just tells you the basics and the rest is then just on you.


The “brain” of this device lays under monochromatic display above the buttons, which is there to show you some basic info about the ongoing operation. On the back side you may find a practical stand and also battery compartment for two AAA batteries, which keeps you in standby for about two years. Input and output 3,5mm jack offers possibility of connectivity, you can connect external speakers or even connect more pocket operators in one chain.

What you get for your money is definitely not professional instrument, but for some less serious opportunities it can serve as a solid way to entertain yourself.

Teenage Engineering TE010AS024A PO-24 Office Pocket Operator

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  • A noise-fueled lo-fi rhythm machine that's perfect for tabletop synth rigs
  • Loaded with 16 delightfully gritty sampled and synthesized percussion sounds
  • Enhance your drum sounds on the fly with 16 creative punch-in effects
  • Create entire songs on the 16-step sequencer with 128-pattern chaining
  • Integrated folding stand and onboard Knowles speaker offer convenient standalone use

Internal Sound Engine Yes
Sequencer 16-step sequencer
Manufacturer Presets 16 drum sounds
Number of Effects 16
Effects Types Delay, distortion, filters, stutter, bit crush, vibrato
Analog Inputs 1 x 1/8″ TRS
Analog Outputs 1 x 1/8″ TRS
Power Supply 2 x AAA batteries
Manufacturer Part Number TE010AS012

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