Original Rise 25 has been quite a solid keyboard for affordable price. ROLI now comes with Seaboard GRAND Rise 49,
which comes with two more octaves – in total 49 keys to play. What are other benefits of bigger
brother of original Rise 25 keyboard?

Bigger better?

With three options to power you can play almost anywhere. Standard way is external power adaptor,
but if you need you can power it also via standard USB cable. Rechargeable battery also gives
possibility to play this keyboard wireless. Completely, because you also won´t need any cable to
connect it with computer. While there is Bluetooth adaptor you can play fully wireless even with you
cellphone. However, it must be iPhone as there is still no compatibility with Android devices.
The left side of front panel contains power/mode switch and some performance control buttons.
Thanks to power switch changing colours you will simply recognize currently selected mode of the


The XY touchpad allows control of equator or noise parameters.
The keys are made of soft silicone rubber of the highest quality with guarantee of no toxicity.
Although there are white lines on "black" keys, it will probably take you some time to get used to
those narrow keys. Standard keyboard has wider keys and first few plays will probably be followed
with some mistakes.
Each key has five dimensions of touch which means that you can simply achieve much better and
more sophisticated performance in compare with standard keyboard. Once you master smaller
dimensions of the keys, ROLI Seabord Rise 49 will become a very powerful weapon in your hands.
What is the price? Well, with price tag coming over € 1000 it´s clear that Rise 49 isn´t keyboard for
anybody. On the other hand, if you mean keyboard playing seriously and want to differ from the
others somehow, Rise 49 is the right choice.D


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  • Seaboard GRAND
  • The Seaboard GRAND is a radically new musical instrument that reimagines the piano keyboard as a soft, continuous surface and puts expression back at your fingertips
  •  For centuries, keyboardists have been forced to accept the velocity of their key strikes marking the end of that note's expressive potential
  • With the Seaboard GRAND, however, this interaction is merely the beginning
  • Intuitive gestures such as presses, bends and slides open new avenues to musical expression


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